Watch and listenĀ to just a few of our students andĀ discover how they created a successful online course.

Darlene Frank

DarleneĀ shares with us how she was able to let go of her fear of being visible, created online courses and is now getting paid for her wisdom. Darlene is a writing and creativity coach.

Kirsten Justice

In this online course case study, we will be diving into the inspiring success of Kirsten Justice, one of the most successful online course creators in my Legacy Mastermind Watch her as she shares how she became her own boss, allowing her to work with clients that she truly believes she can help and be paid for her knowledge..

Judith Boice

Judithā€™s course is called Wild Wisdom Writers and it helps her students write from the deep into the wisdom of the earth, the body and the ancestors.

Joan Brooks

Joan createdĀ her course, Welcome Home To Your Sacred Body. Joan (like many of my students) had to overcome her fear of failure.

ValerieĀ Wise

Valerie created a successful online course and offered it twice - to couples. She specializes in helping African American Christian married or engaged couples strengthen the bond (which is more important to Valerie than creating online courses for money).

Cynthia MacGrath

Cynthia had recently retired from a career as a nurse practitioner and university instructor when she started working with me. She started working with me because she didn't want a traditional retirement. Cynthia is too full of life to "retire." She wants to continue making a difference, continue learning and also wants to keep earning. Cynthia shares her journey of self-discovery and how she found a new passion in helping women over 55 embrace the wisdom of the Crone.

Paige Pradko

Paige shares with us how she was able to let go of her fear of failure, create a course and get paid for her knowledge and expertise.

Diane Gehart

Dr. Diane Gehart is a professor and department university chair and text book author with a full private practice AND a single mom to 2 boys. During the pandemic when her schedule was doubly busy, she finally decided to learn how to create and launch an online course. Diane wanted the income and the freedom for the most important things in her life, which includes impacting the lives of students and therapists wanting to help their clients in the best way possible.

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