Hi! I’m Natalie

How I went from a school teacher who’d do anything to help her kids to helping thousands of entrepreneurs change the world with their wisdom through online courses.

Before I brought in over $1 million through my own online business.

Before I helped tens of thousands of followers transform their businesses and their lives.

Before I learned how to teach others what I had learned to do online, there was a school teacher, teaching dyslexic 12 year olds how to read.

I was doing good work and I knew it was life-changing and I was making a good income.

I had a private practice of middle school kids who came to me twice a week to learn to read.

I was traveling around the country teaching other teachers how to do what I did.

I Rented a Funky Orange Bicycle

On a fateful trip to Costa Rica, I rented this funky orange bicycle to get around and explore.

One dawn with my toes in the surf, I had the realization that I was not doing MY work.

And even though a big part of me was scared that I was too old and it was too late . . .

. . . I was determined to discover and do work that I loved, with people I loved, working from anywhere in the world and making as much money as I dreamed of.

When I had that thought, a little voice inside my head said:

You don’t have a fucking clue how to do that.

And in my head, I shouted right back:

I will figure it out.

I Thought I'd Be An Expat the Rest of My Life

When I got home from that month-long adventure in Costa Rica, I put a for sale sign in my kitchen window.

I believed that in order to change my life so dramatically, I needed to change everything and allow no chance of falling back into my old patterns.

I sold my house and gave up all my possessions.

I had my first $10,000 month living on the beach in Thailand.

That proved to me that I could make a great income living anywhere in the world.

I also realized the many things I valued about living in the US and I came back.

A Former Teacher Turned Entrepreneur

My favorite thing is creating online courses that help other entrepreneurs create their own online courses . . .

. . . so they can get their wisdom out into the world, help transform many lives, make as much money as they desire and live a life of freedom.

As a former adventurous schoolteacher (I’m teaching in an Alaska Native village above) turned entrepreneur I love the freedom of having time and the flexibility for all the things I love doing.

I love waking up to my body clock and not to an alarm.

I love the freedom of taking a nap, going for a walk, cooking a yummy meal, doing laundry or swimming laps - right along side running a multiple 6-figure business.

Some Things I Believe 

  • It is never too late and you are never too old to discover and live your precious life.

  •  The biggest contribution you can make to our people and our planet is through your own awakening.

  •  You know things others will pay to learn.

  •  Everyone has an online course in them.

  • Shadow integration work can help heal even the most tenacious wounds.

  •  You are way more than you think you are, infinitely more.

  •  Shadow integration work is the zip line of personal growth.

  •  Embracing pain is the fastest and easiest way to transform it into pleasure and power.

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